What is War on Epilepsy?
Sean Hamilton is one of the co-founders of War on Epilepsy. He has a passion on the subject and would like to express it with you.
Introduction to War on Epilepsy
We would like to thank Microsoft, , Epilepsy care allience, System C and Graphnet Health for coming to network.
Lets fight to build awareness!
Epilepsy can be a very scary experience for some. Some people including children get bullied for it. Lets work together to build awareness and get people to understand!
Happy to see Sheerwater attend
myCareCentric Epilepsy is a digital health management solution created by Graphnet. It is a combination of a patient portal via a mobile app, integrated digital care records, wearable technology, clinical communication and workflow, data analysis and machine learning tools.
War on Epilepsy meets the Mayor of London
A day at the LEAP round table hosted by the Major of London "disable entrepreneur roundtable". To discuss ways to encourage more disabled people to become entrepreneurs
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What We Are Doing

About War on Epilepsy

“Welcome to War On Epilepsy

Where innovation meets Life changing outcomes for the many, not just the few.”

Our mission includes bridging the gap between the patient, the carer, the wider, extended support system and the medical community. As a company we advocate & champion technology for good in what is the beginning of a fourth digital revolution we bridge that gap between complex medical challenges.

Among what we do is develop & pioneer technologies that can help tackle disabilities and everyday physical limitations, making the world more truly accessible for all. We aim to help everyone access the right support for them as an individual.   From our state-of-the-art technology and AI solutions, we aim to aid by providing a greater insight into patient care. By taking a look into each patient’s journey, how day to day life can impact on their wider health, not just the psychical but psychological & emotional elements. This allows us to work with medical professionals, charities and the social care system.

Compiling such data gives us the ability to unify datasets which provide real time Intelligence, With this data we are able to build data and evidence Into Alternative and non conventional treatment pathways. We give patients more Input, Influence and control in their own care.

War on Epilepsy is here to bring medicine into the digital age! Putting the heart of what we do and why we do it.”

Our values

Accessibility, Equality and Diversity

We truly understand and can wholehearedly attest to the struggles and complexities of living with epilepsy and other Health challenges, We aim to bring Diversity culture and belief Into all we are and do.


Being a partner with leading brands, corporations, charities and NGO’s, we combine and unite efforts to acheive goals to find ways to tackle epilepsy and all that comes with It, through the power of technology.


Empower and educate everyone In various sectors from health, social care, wellness and wellbeing through to teaching, technology and everywhere in between. We want to help recognise, identify and assist Individuals, their carers and support teams.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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